A federal appeals court sided with the league last year, and American Needle (repped at SCOTUS today by Jones Day Glen Nager) petitioned the high court to take the case. In an unusual move, the NFL and its lawyers at Covington Burling also suggested the Court hear the case, and did so in hopes that the Court would rule that the league should be considered a single entity for most business purposes. Appears unlikely, according to Glazer and Lyle Denniston at the estimable SCOTUSblog.

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Italy’s economy plunged into fresh uncertainty after voters on Sunday rejected a pro reforms platform pushed by Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. The country’s banking system is in deep trouble with eight big banks nursing huge bad loans, and the referendum has diminished hopes of them getting recapitalized and saved. Italy’s economy has seen little growth over the past two decades, and with Renzi’s market friendly policies now voted out, prospects of fresh investments, from both domestic and foreign sources, have also dimmed.

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